Monday, December 27, 2010

"Controlling Sarah" Chapters 1-10 Available on Kindle Soon

Work-In-Process cover still being finalized by the fabulous cover artist, Fiona.
The first ten chapters of Controlling Sarah are available for Kindle readers now or soon.

If you have already read Controlling Sarah  on one of the several sites the original was posted, there might not be much new for you in this version unless you were aggravated with some of the mistakes and want to read a better edited version.  Also, in the Kindle version, a few changes were made to keep the flow with the new chapters that will be published on Kindle soon.

BDSM Library fans, the prequel to Controlling Sarah will be posted there first, if it is popular I will do some additional editing for Kindle and post it there too.  From the current state of the prequel, there is plenty of room to add chapters and fill the story out more.

Frankly, I am not sure what Amazon is doing.  The ASIN: B004HB1WUA was assigned overnight, but my Bookshelf is still showing it as "publishing" as in that phase is in-process.  However, the page for ordering the eBook is running without a description of the book.  Go figure.

Of course, I wrote the product description out on-the-fly, but it was more of a placeholder anyway.  Will work on a new one for here and then replace the product description on Amazon with that.

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