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"Controlling Sarah" Chapters 1-10 Summary by Chapter

Update: Controlling Sarah: Chapters 11-13 has been uploaded and is available for Kindle.  ASIN: B004HFRLEC

Synopsis and chapter summaries of Controlling Sarah.  See reviews on the left of your screen.  The links below are to the initial, free publication of Controlling Sarah.  The Kindle version, linked above, is a better edited version.  I do not want any Kindle users feeling cheated by not knowing that similar versions of the initial chapters are available free elsewhere.  This may be confusing, so please bear with me.

Chapters 1-11 are available free online at the links below.  The better edited version of chapters 1-10 is on Kindle.  Chapters 11-13 will be available on Kindle as soon as the final editing is complete, with additional chapters added periodically.

The first several chapters of Controlling Sarah: The Sequel will be available free online soon, as will the Kindle version.  Additional chapters to that will be released on Kindle as they are completed.

Adult Content!  The links below are not work safe.
Sarah is the Senior Finance Manager at SJE Enterprises. She is assigned a new secretary, Nancy  who sets her mind to making Sarah an executive in the company. She also has her sights set on Sarah's husband, Edward. Nancy's preferred method is to Dominate Sarah, putting her through a series of scenes all aimed at 1) improving her relationship with her husband and 2) to force her into the executive limelight. In the process she finds out that Edward is very submissive and has been poorly treated by his wife so she takes control of him too.  Settings include the office, home, and a karaoke bar.

Chapter 1 "The Cuts Will Begin Immediately": Sarah has to reluctantly deliver bad news of layoffs to her group.  After telling her junior managers that their administrative assistants will be some of the first to go, she discovers that she has been assigned a former executive secretary, Nancy Clarke, against her objections.  Sarah invites Nancy and her husband to have dinner with her and her husband, Edward.

Chapter 2 "Mister Kneeler, House Husband": While Sarah's "house husband" is preparing dinner, Nancy arrives several hours early and begins taking over the household, ordering Edward around and taking sexual liberties with him.  He obeys without any visible signs of resistance, thinking that he is obeying one of Sarah's dominant playmates and, indirectly, Sarah.

Chapter 3 "The Day that may Never End": When Sarah arrives, Nancy's full feminine dominance emerges and she takes control of Sarah.

Chapter 4 "Let's Work Up an Appetite": Nancy walks Sarah from the kitchen to the master bedroom to begin demonstrating her dominance over them as a couple, keeping them in the master bedroom and taking more sexual liberties of them both until her husband Joe arrives.  Nancy and Joe use various techniques to begin breaking the submissive couple's independence and making them obey.

Chapter 5 "Bad Kittens": The couple is severely punished for disobeying Nancy.  They are separated for the first time, Sarah is taken to the guest bedroom by Joe as Nancy rewards Edward in the master bedroom for telling her the truth.  Sarah and Edward are reunited in the guest bedroom to sleep together for a few hours.

Chapter 6 "Morning": Edward dresses Sarah in corset, stockings and heels outfit for breakfast, per orders from Joe and Nancy.  The couple is separated again as Nancy keeps Edward in the master bedroom and Joe takes Sarah to the main floor of the house to order a catered breakfast.

Chapter 7 "Breakfast": Sarah has to figure out how to pay the four large men who deliver the large breakfast without using any money.  After completing the barter, the men get unruly and Joe has to step in to calm the situation.

Chapter 8 "Appointment Time": One of the longer chapters.  Nancy makes Sarah prepare for a Saturday appointment and forces Sarah to purchase her a new work wardrobe for her new job as Sarah's secretary.  Sarah attempts to rebel and Nancy quells the insurrection.  While the women are shopping, the men are attending various male establishments, from sports bars to gay clubs.  After arriving home, Nancy calms Sarah down and shares a joint with her and the women share their hands-on sexual talents before Sarah drifts off to sleep.

The couple is kept separated when Joe and Edward arrive.  Nancy takes Edward to the adult daughter Suzanne's room and prepares him for drag karaoke.  Joe takes sexual liberties with Sarah, who has stopped resisting.  A couple that Nancy and Ed meet at the karaoke bar leave early, to meet Joe after Sarah has been drugged and bound to the posts at the foot of the massive bed.  Sarah is severely paddled with a heavy wooden paddle after servicing the couple.

Chapter 10 "Sunday": Edward and Sarah wake to discover that Joe and Nancy are gone, but Edward is locked in chastity and Sarah's ankle cuffs have unfamiliar locks, without a key for either.  Sarah's thigh high boots and fishnet stockings are beginning to hurt her feet.  Sarah discovers that Nancy has more than enough information to blackmail her with if she does not play along.  Sarah begins to examine her relationship with Edward and begins to feel guilty about letting him submit into self-imposed cuckold status.  Sarah pleas with Nancy to release the locks and does not receive an answer by the time the couple lays down for much needed rest.  The couple discovers that they cannot leave the house, any attempt is met with a shock delivered through Sarah's collar.  Sarah realizes that they are under constant surveillance.

Chapter 11 "A Partial Day Together":  Currently, version one of this chapter only appears on free erotica sites.  It has been edited for Kindle and is the first chapter I wrote without the help of Sarah and Suki.  It will be included in the next Kindle installment Controlling Sarah: Chapters 11-13 (available now).

Sarah's daughter Suzanne is introduced when she calls home from college and Sarah uses it as an opportunity to bring her family back together.  Nancy responds to Sarah's plea to have the locks released with a mission for the couple.  Sarah must dress Edward in full drag, take him to the private kink club that Sarah frequents on Fridays and await further instructions.  By the time the couple's mission is complete, their locks are released, but Joe and Nancy are far from done with them.
Working cover from premier cover artist, Fiona.

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