Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Controlling Sarah: The Prequel" and other topics

Currently outlining Controlling Sarah: The Prequel, an idea I got from feedback on Controlling Sarah.  It will examine how Edward became so submissive.  The plan is to submit it to BDSMlibrary.Com as a short companion piece to Controlling Sarah.

Just sent a draft of Part 11 to Controlling Sarah to a reader for input.  It is close to done and might be better as two or three parts.  Planning just one more section to the version before working on the commercial versions.  I am pretty sure the content is within the terms of Amazon Kindle, but need to review that.  PubIt.Com does not sound like they want any adult content on their site.  Will also check with, since the "top dog" in this story is a woman.

Since I have enough scenes that fit into this plot and setting floating about my head, I could end up with a 100,000 word novel.  Over 1/4 the way there now at 27,000 words.

One of the problems I have noticed in extending a collaborative work by myself is keeping the "voices" of the characters true to the original.  Especially with this story, since the three of us wrote different primary characters and smoothed it out afterward.

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